The story of the city is written as its people interact with its places through the simplicity of everyday life.
We construct the sounds and the sights of the city with our busking and street art;
we give it personality by exchanging smiles, stealing kisses and slamming car horns;
we draw the lines on the map through our paths to work.
Our stories build the city, brick by brick, paragraph by paragraph.


Invisible Cities is a participatory art project exploring the relationships between people and place.
It maps the memories held in sites around the city, and it explores the cities we each hold in our minds.

Unlock the audio stories embedded at the sites using the Invisible Cities app.
Allow 'push notifications' to be told when you are near a story site.



Invisible Cities is coming to Fremantle, WA, to record the stories of its people and places. 
Contribute your own story today.
Please check the Invisible Cities Facebook page for updates on story collection dates.


Invisible Cities for iPhone
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Invisible Cities for Android
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Tell your story

Share a story held in the Fremantle city centre.

Briefly outline your story and where it's located in a sentence or two.

We'll then be in touch to arrange a time to do the recording. The recording will only take about 10 minutes.

Upon the project launch, an Invisible Cities plaque will be affixed at the site for the duration of the project to mark the story held there.


Story Map

Discover the stories and memories held in Melbourne's city centre.
Download the Invisible Cities app to unlock the audio stories around the city.